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totally stressed
well HELLO. Schmidty. how the h l are ya? been a minute. or 2. showed up cryin[again]and figured i'd throw a hows things? your way. see your still doin the good stuff here as always. nothing much here to really report. other than---------same ole same ole. got some urls to check out about loc on my house. found out recently that my ssdi income can actually used as collateral[it's guaranteed income]. never figured. thought that with that, and my house. I should be able to get the 10,000.00 loc. NOT. a 900.00 collection activity from Verizon. and 250.00 collection from an insurance company is kickin my ass. I've even stated that I would pay off these debts immediately at signing of a contract. while we were sitting there together. been told to take care of it first. then MAYBE. GO FIGURE. right? C-ya my friend. you know Ozzie. OOWWWW. LMAO
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Schmidty   in reply to getfreedental
That is true nd it seems harder with the changes to Aidpage. I hope all is well with you . There hasn't been a lot of traffic on here for a long time, at least not on my end and definately not like it use to be.How is it on your end?
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Hi Schmidty ... good to see/read from you and hope all is well:). We have not chatted in many months or years? It has been a long time:).
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Schmidty   in reply to Countingthem1x1
Well thank you very much!
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Hi Schmidty. Good to see your pic! ;-)
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Schmidty   in reply to sheppard of the streets
http://free-and-low-cost-... Good Luck and God Bless
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sheppard of the streets
Hey Schmidy, I lost the post that has a link on it that a person can apply for a free grant to have dental services done. Would you please give it to me another aid mate is in need of it. I did fill it out for my daughter .Thank you Sheppard of the streets
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Schmidty   in reply to sheppard of the streets
Thank you for this information and the kind words.
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sheppard of the streets
Schmidity , I have read several of your post and I see you bless people with hope, information and Gods love. It is nice to meet you. Anyway I was networking free dental care the other night for my daughter who in unemployed, with no insurance and ran across one of your postings and through the post I have found free dental help and thought I would post it for anyone else who needs it www. on events to find an free dental event in your city, yours in Christ-Theresa Neal- I am Sheppard of The Streets-Be blessed, Be Positive-Be About God!
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Cherigirl40   in reply to hyde2013
Have you tried a site called Modest Needs? You need some type of income, but they have grants too. I know of one more, I'll post it when I find it. Good Luck and God Bless
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Schmidty   in reply to Cherigirl40
Well, thank you, that's the sweetice thing said to me todayHappy Valentines day to you, and thank you again.Good Luck and God Bless
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Hi Schmidty.....good to open aidpage and see ur profile pic. Gives me a little joy in my heart!!!
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Schmidty   in reply to hyde2013
You are welcome, hoping you make it all the way. Good Luck and God Bless
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hyde2013   in reply to Schmidty
thankyou me and my family are in comfort tx right now trying to make it to sacramento ca where our family and jobs are so we can get off the streets and plus im 5 1/2 months preg
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Schmidty   in reply to babiesneedhelp
Yes, you call and ask if you can apply for their program, but do it only in your area, or the nearest to you. Good Luck and God Bless
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babiesneedhelp   in reply to Schmidty
So all u do is call these places about getting a car or hoe does it work???
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Schmidty   in reply to Sid1Leigh
http://free-or-low-cost-a... and if you go to Schmidty's conversations you'll find more information that will help you.
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I was referred to you about finding out information about getting a free car or having one donated. I am a single mother and greatly need to know where I can receive assistance. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks
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Schmidty   in reply to JedsDad
Thank you again!
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JedsDad   in reply to Schmidty
Another resource for you sir, http://www.needhelppaying...
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