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Schmidty   in reply to sandra35
I've been doing about a well as can be expected. Glad to hear from you. Wondered what happened. I heard Starshine had passed then she was on facebook for a while , haven't heard from her in a while now.
This place ain't what it use to be.
I don't get around like I use to, my hip and I'm trying to go along as I can without the operation to have a new hip and probably the same old pain. Well I better let you go , I'm on a respirator . taking medicine so talk to you later and it's real good hearing from you
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Forgot to mention I m Sandra35
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Hi Schmidy!!! It's been a long time since I was here on Aidpage. I decided to come back and see all my "ole" friends like You!! I am Sandra and we use to chat a lot here on Aidpage. I was also friends with Starshine (Pat Andersen), but heard she had passed away a few years ago... My dear friend Lisa Welch (Aidpage) member had passed away too... So sad:( to here this... I sure hope you have been doing good.
I am doing good. Did some traveling a few weeks ago to Portland Maine. Drove an ole truck with 330,000 miles on it. Had the truck for over 16 years... Very dependable tho... Can't afford a newer truck... The weather here in Nebraska has been hot ALL summer with highs in the upper 90's to 100's. Today it reached 78 degrees. Felt great! not looking forward to winter... So How have you been these days? So looking forward to chatting with you again... Please send a message back. Look for you here... Have a nice evening!!! Sandra
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Schmidty   in reply to RMommyJulie
Were you needing some help? I rcieved a posting for Aidpage and when I clicked on it , it brought me to this page.
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sonshinesas   in reply to AJTKY
Part time job?
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Schmidty   in reply to AJTKY
Everyone is having those problems. I wish I could help more. All I can do is tell you to try other pages that I have to see if they help, in particular:
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Hello, so I have stumbled upon this blog somehow. I assume I will fit right in. I haven’t spoken to anyone through a blog before. I am a 34 years old mother who made mistakes and landed myself probation for 10 years. I have completed one full year. I have restitution to pay in the amount of $34,000 to the state in order to complete my probation. I do not have any other issues with probation other than money. I have a good job. I pay all my fees I have never done drugs so random UA’s are not an issue. I have never missed an appointment. I am only on probation for the money. I wanted to reach out and see if there are any suggestions on how to try to pay this off quicker. I can not use the regular income I have to pay extra, I make ends meet and that is about all. Any suggestions?
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totally stressed
Well Hell O my bearded friend. It hes been quite awhile since our kast communo. Hope all is well with you. Still trying on this end. Good to see your compassion is as always to help others. Computer took a crap the last time. And i had no want,or need to sink more money in yet another. So. I finally got a phone that does it all anyway. Right. I see Inspiration is still here as well. Xo's to that give their time here. Ozzie is still Ozzie. Ow to ya's
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sandra35   in reply to Schmidty
Hi Schmidty, Good to hear from YOU:) I agree weather has been good. Only once we got hit with Nebraska. School shut down for that day. I have a wood burning fireplace in (family room) and love the smell of burnt wood.. Especially burning wood during the holiday seasons. Other wise, I am doing well also. My youngest son, Brad Will be graduating this year from high school. Don't seem possible. Then he's headed to the University college for 4 years (maybe longer). Right now, I am SO looking forward to summer.. Love the outdoors. Schmidty thank YOU! for sending a message. Have a wonderful day!! God bless!! sandra35
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Schmidty   in reply to sandra35
I have been doing fine. Looks like a few are keeping the fires burning but it is noting like it was. The weather has been on the warmer side this winter.How is everything your way?
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Hi Schmidty!!!! Just wondering how you are? I am here again and thinking about YOU. So how are you? Lets keep in touch. I remember "we" use to talk about everything and anything. I TRULY enjoyed that Schmidty!! I Will never forget how many conversations we had. So fun! I sure hope to hear from you. Take care and GOD bless YOU!! Sandra35
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Schmidty   in reply to d123
This might help you: http://urban-and-rural-ar...
and remmber to use your congressman/womwn or Representative. They need to work sometime in office.
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Hi I noticed you have been helpful for others and wanted to see if you could help me........

I need advice/help with property tax lien; my brother was handling my disabled fathers home/property (had everything put in his name) now I learn that there is a lien on the property for 3 years back taxes and the property will be put up for auction soon. Need help on what I can do.....................I 'm recently divorced and just moved back to take care of my father, I just found a part time job and don't have good credit........

Please help me save my dads home
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Schmidty   in reply to Mimzy
I put up with cancer twice now after having my larnyx scraped, half a lung removed and now some type of hip thingy, I pick and choose what I think should be reposted and I donn't care what anyone thinks. They can just unfriend me,one of my ex's did that because of things that I was reposting and I guess figured it was going to change my my and she wanted to be friends again. I was just warning you, but of course it's about the same herebut I try to be nicer for some stupid reason.
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Mimzy   in reply to Schmidty
If I can put up with having cancer, I think I can put up with you Hun. lol
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Schmidty   in reply to Mimzy
Oh, you can tell Lee that I have the same email address and you will know my facebook Link in a short . Good to hear from you gal, but on facebook you might want to unfriend me, just a warning.
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Schmidty   in reply to Mimzy
I have tried to contact Lee but to no avail. My computer has crashed several timeand I couldn't remember what she went by on here. I'm still in contact with a few off here and I mean very few.They sure messed this place up didn't they?
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This is my fb link and Lee has been want int to contact you too
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reached my limit   in reply to woman in a shoe
thanks. i had thought of that and will call monday
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