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hear my cry   in reply to Schmidty
Thank you for responding so quickly. I will start calling soon. May the good Lord bless and be with you always. You ask for nothing and give much. Again thank you.
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Schmidty   in reply to hear my cry
Yes you can look up the area that you live in or is close to you, by looking at this list: http://free-and-low-cost-...
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hear my cry
Hi I was refered to you by goodnewsforyou. I have issues with my teeth, they aren't rotten or anything, they are just so unattractive. My smile is nice. my teeth are not. Do you know of anyone or a company that can help me fix my smile. Thank you for your time.
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Schmidty   in reply to earnbuggie
I'm sure you will. :)
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Going to Anderson. Jockey lot Saterdy morning. I hope I do well.
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Schmidty   in reply to sue sue
You're welcome, God Bless
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sue sue   in reply to Schmidty
thank you phx
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Schmidty   in reply to sue sue
You'll have to do it, because You are in a different area than I am. Just put low cost or cheap furniture in your search engine and check them out. Good Luck
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sue sue
hi goodafernoon what web sites can you provide for help me that will be cheap on furniture.that i can,t afford
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Schmidty   in reply to yai
Try any of these places, but remember that they are having trouble also: http://organizations-that...
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yai   in reply to Schmidty
I need some financial help
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Schmidty   in reply to Keishana
Hogwash, It isn't going to be easy but if you are determined then you can do what ever your dreams are. It will be much harder, yes, but I think that if you are wanting something bad enoough then you will keep at it until you get it. So,I'm going to give you iinformat ion on getting free legal advice, which they can tell you the legal aspect.then places that may help you if they still have money, you aren't the only one having troubles, then a list of scholarships that you can go for.
Hope it works out for you. Here they are:

2. http://organizations-that...

3. http://free-scholarships....

After that you can visit my home page and check out my conversations for more advice and assistance. Good Luck and God Bless
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Keishana   in reply to Schmidty
I am looking for both. Im lost and unsure of what steps to take on this issue. Are there programs out that help with restitution. I can't go to school for anything because felons can't get hired and it would be a waste of a degree.
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Schmidty   in reply to Keishana
OK, but what type of help are you looking for.Financial, Legal, etc.
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I have a felony and am trying to get my life back in order. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and making it with her is a struggle in its own. Due to my felony I owe 25,000 for a crime that I plead on that I felt was unfair. Its hard to find a job and Im hearing everywhere that since I live in Virginia this will stay on my record forever. I dont want to struggle all my life. All i ask is for some info on some steps I should take to make things a little better.
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Schmidty   in reply to Heathersangeltalk
I can't help you with connections or finding another, I am not an art critique, so I can't even make a statement about your artwork.but if you need to keep going with your art work then I can help . I'll give you an address that you can go through and see if you can get help with going to school which will help you with your art. It is: http://free-scholarships....
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The help I need is to keep me going about the artwork of my life. Have never been married and sense a deep need for anorher. Am receiving ssi disability for the next c ouple years. My stay at homeness is such that. I am a wailing artist of 1995. Need connection. Am fine woman. An artpiece of mine I send. charcoal treehorse seen 2 ways.
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Schmidty   in reply to Raydestiny
Then apply through the Dept. of Education or visit : http://free-scholarships....
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Hi pls i realy want 2 go 2 school in UK but i dnt have money 2 sponsor my self pls i need ur help, i wil b vry grateful if my request is being granteted. Tanx
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Schmidty   in reply to bjb1958
Then you know how to go through the conversations to get the help you need.
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